Nice Biscuits animate aero bubbles

We were literally bubbling over with excitement at creating the animated tag for the new Aero Bubbles commercial for Nestle.
The 10 second tag features Aero two tone bubbles bouncing along with images of the three new Aero packs.

After studying the product samples, our 3D animator Greg McKneally created photorealistic 3D models and shaders to match the various materials of the new aero packs and two-tone bubbles. He then created and customised a dynamic simulation of the bouncing bubbles. From there he animated the Aero packs as they fly into frame and designed a lighting scheme and environment in keeping with the overall brand/campaign style. The 3D elements were then composited using depth and motion vectors to create a realistic final look.

Production Notes
Product:Aero Bubbles
VFX:Greg McKneally – Maya
Duration:10 seconds