Nice Biscuits have finished many games trailer commercials for Maverick. Alien vs Predator is one of the latest films that was posted for both TV and cinema.

The native frame-rate output of the games consoles renders footage at 59.94fps 1280×720. The finished film is converted to 25 fps to give us cut points. The second part of the process involves converting the footage from 59.94 fps to 25 fps. This makes the film longer in duration. We use the cut points to drop the converted footage into the cuts, trying to slip the shot so that the original sync points are retained for the best action. This technique smoothes out any stuttering action created by a simpler conversion. The sequence is re-scaled up to 1920×1080, HD captions and logos are then added,  keeping within cinema safe title. The final film is prepared as a targa sequence ready for a print to be made for cinema.

Production Notes
Product: Alien vs Predator
Production Company: Maverick Media
Duration:30 secs
Format: HD cinema