The latest commercial for Argos features a digital clock, made entirely of people in beds – the message being that as Argos has so many top brands of beds and offer such a fantastic service, it’s not surprising that they sell a bed a minute.

The intention is that ‘Bed Clock’ should be perceived as a performance art piece, where the individuals are having fun. It‘s been filmed in a ‘Making of’ style, so that we see the performance space for what it is, i.e. a studio, and the artists getting into position.

Shot digitally, ‘Bed Clock’ was then graded on our Da Vinci Resolve. The elements for the clock were shot in five separate passes, which were then rotoscoped and composited into the final image. This meant combining at least 6 – 8 layers of HD footage per shot. Clean-up work was done on the background footage before compositing. 

Production Notes
Title:Bed Clock
Director:Chris Hopewell
Production Company:Epoch
Duration:30 secs
Format:HD 16:9