‘Transforming Homes’ is a fresh and energetic commercial featuring Everest regular Craig. It was shot on the Arri Alexa, and the Pro Res 4444 files graded on our Da Vinci Resolve.

In each scene that Craig walks through, the windows and doors change magically with the click of his finger. To make this happen, we had to 3D track the scene, giving us an exact replica of the camera move. We took this camera data into Flame and then rebuilt the house using basic geometry. Once the scene was rebuilt, we then used Flame’s projector to re-map the new windows and doors over the existing ones. The new Everest doors and windows were shot on green screen, at various angles, in a studio on a separate day.

The ad also required quite a bit of cosmetic work – including tidying lawns, increasing the size of trees/ plants and changing the colour of chairs.

Production Notes
Director:Kirk Jones
Production Company:Tomboy Films
Creative:Graham Kerr (Creative Director)
Ratio:HD 16:9