Now it’s time for the gallery………..Fruit Bowl style

We’ve just finished four delicious Fruit Bowl sponsorship idents for ITV Daybreak Weather, directed by Pete Lewtas from The Independence Orchestra.

Each of the 4 x 10 second idents promote one of the Fruit snacks that Fruit Bowl produces. ‘Fruity fun’ is cleverly illustrated by the use of a child’s painting to open each ident, which is accompanied by the Vision On Gallery music.

The elements of each painting were shot against blue screen by our VFX artist Paul Wratten, so that he could animate them. Then some of the elements from each painting flow into the product shot to link it all together.

Production Notes
Product:Fruit Bowl Idents for ITV Daybreak
Title:Fruity Fun
Director:Pete Lewtas
Production Company:Independence Orchestra
Agency:Shaw Producers
Duration:10 seconds