These ads were shot on Red and the raw rushes graded on our Da Vinci Resolve. Three demo sequences (in two parts) and three plug variants were required, making a total of nine sequences for worldwide master distribution. We met with the clients to discuss the best way to achieve this, without going down the 3D route, and suggested shooting 3 elements – a revolving gel with a sealed back, a static gel peel reveal and a beauty pass of the revealed gel. There were several fragrances but the orange gel was chosen to be shot, as it was the strongest colour, and the pack was shot against a neutral background.

Paul had to matte off the foil, and removed the wire used in the peel. The plugs were shot on revolving rods, matted off of their backgrounds and the rods removed.

The aroma sparkle was created in Particle, then tracked on and coloured to match the appropriate demo/ fragrance.

Production Notes
Director:Ronald Koetzier
Production Company:Caramel Pictures
Agency:Draft FCB