What are you looking at?

Habitat’s first TV campaign is based on the idea of the inner voyeur – a human instinct to know how others live. Except the Habitat voyeur, would be more interested in spying sofas, tables and cushions than what people do on or around them. Shot by acclaimed photographer and director Miles Aldridge, it tells a vivid, 20-second story of a couple locking lips. But instead of following them out of shot, the Habitat gaze remains fixed on the true object of desire: the Hendricks Sofa – http://www.habitat.co.uk/sofas-armchairs/shop-by-collection/all-collections/hendricks.

Title:Kiss, Dancing
Director:Miles Aldridge
Production Company:Annex Films
Creative:Anthony Cassidy
Duration:2 x 30″, 2 x 20″