NB in fashion with 4K film for Henry Holland

Nice Biscuits worked with director Clive Booth on a film shot in 4K to promote British fashion designer Henry Holland’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.
To create the moving ‘Lookbook’ of House of Holland’s collection, Booth shot the film on Canon’s latest Cinema EOS C500 digital cinema camera in 4K. This enabled him to be creative with the edit, taking small blow-ups from segments of the frames if he needed to, with the models walking in and out of the frame.  Clive worked with his assistant, Billy Waters, on the lighting strategy, as that was key to the whole shoot. Booth comments, “A lookbook is very different from a fashion shoot because the stars of the show are the clothes – not the girls. You need to be able to light the clothes very evenly, so we opted for an American lighting system from the company Joker-Bug, who make daylight-balanced HMI kits that also happen to look great, plus it’s continuous – unlike flash. In addition to the Joker-Bugs we had a beautiful big Mola (dish) light which again would be both in shot and also provide useful light. A Profoto softbox gave a massive spread of soft light which fell right across the model, from top to bottom. We actually had a great time lighting this shoot,” he remembers. “It was challenging but hugely rewarding. The lights, Peli cases, apple boxes, scrims, flags and tape all played a supporting role to the models, creating the look of behind the scenes at a fashion show – which, in fact, it actually was in the end…”
Once the grade was complete VFX artist Russ Shaw at Nice Biscuits used the XML and EDL files along with the graded 4K footage to conform the on-line edit. “Russ and I spent a couple of days on the ‘Autodesk Flame Suite’ going through every cut refining and finalising the film for output (both for 4K and HD),” Clive recalls.

Production Notes
Product:Henry Holland
Title:House of Holland’s Autumn/Winter 2013
Director:Clive Booth
Production Company:Th2ng