Sensational new ad from HTC/Mother

We were delighted to work in collaboration with the leading HTC EMEA creative agency, Mother London, to create the brand new TVC for the HTC Sensation XL.  This spot was directed by Leila and Damien de Blinkk at One Six 7 Productions and shot on the ARRI Alexa. The Nice Biscuits team, headed up by Senior VFX artist Paul Wratten, were involved all the way from pre-production meetings to advice on location to finishing post-production against a very tight deadline.

Shooting over three days in Budapest, at night time, ensured the perfect setting for the industrial and gritty backdrops essential for this film. The Arri Alexa was mainly chosen for its ability to cope with low light levels. This feature of the Alexa, combined with the hand-held feel it added to the commercial, was ideal and lent itself to quickly editing sequences whilst on set. There were a number of vignettes throughout the film, each requiring different visual effects. It was important for Paul to attend the shoot to give on-set advice on how Post can enhance or create effects.

Each shot needed different levels of VFX treatment, including photo realistic beard growth and pulsating rabbit fur beating in sync with the beat of the music. Up to five Flame and Smoke suites worked on several shots to piece the film together.  We also called upon the expert services of Greg McKneally, one of our leading 3D artists, to create the photo realistic beard animation in Maya and rabbit fur animation in Cinema 4D by Pete Young.

As well as the master UK 30” TVC and the cinema version, there were a number of international versions featuring beats audio headphones.

It was great to be involved in such a unique and creative project and it really showcased our VFX supervision, online and 3D resources.

Production Notes
Product:HTC Sensation XL
Director:Leila and Damien de Blinkk
Production Company:One Six 7 Productions