Directing Duo US settle down at Nice Biscuits

We’ve just finished posting the stunning new promo for Kimbra’s latest track, ‘Settle Down’ directed by directing duo US (Chris Barrett & Luke Taylor) at Academy/A+. It features multiple versions of Kimbra giving a live performance under a spotlight, which turns on and off in time to the music cues.

VFX artist Paul and colourist Martin worked closely with the directors to recreate their vision for the promo, while maintaining the authenticity of the singer’s performance and creating an amazing visual interpretation of the track.

Kimbra was shot on Red’s Epic camera at 5k. As the post delivery was HD it was decided to transcode the conformed footage to its original 5k file size. Some of the enlargements at 240% gave pixel for pixel quality with no softness or quality loss at all. In addition some of the large post camera moves benefited from these super large files. Nearly every shot was composited together in Smoke whilst adding camera moves and making room environments rather than placing her in a dark unlit space. Little touches such as adding filaments from a close up of the spotlight coming on added to the detail of the finished film. Martin master graded the completed film on our Da Vinci Resolve.

Credit List:
Artist: Kimbra
Production Company: Academy/A+
Director: US
Off line: Ed Cheeseman at Final Cut