Wham! Bam! VIVA GLAM!

Photographers/directors Mert and Marcus at Art Partner created the launch campaign for Mac Glam featuring Miley Cyrus which is currently playing on screens in Piccadilly and across the web. The campaign which champions the bright and glamourous plays on the suggestive and devil may care overtones of Miley’s Wrecking Ball music video, finding her in a classic disco surrounding with a giant mirror ball. The commercial is fast paced and fractious enhanced with intercuts, overlays and film distortion and light flare effects and burn outs added by Nick at Nice Biscuits using Flame. The film was created for Worldwide distribution and features a less provocative version for Asia and the Middle East

Production Notes
Product:Mac Cosmetics
Title:Viva Glam
Director:Mert & Marcus
Production Company:Art Partner