McCarthy & Stone invites you to enjoy the Good Life

This beautifully shot national TV advert directed by Carl Prechezer for Moon reveals the benefits and potential of retirement living. McCarthy & Stone, the UK’s leading retirement developer has launched this new campaign though TV, press, online and direct mail.

Martin graded this spot on board the Resolve and Russ then completed the minimal finishing work which included compositing CCTV footage in to screens, enhancing sun flares and removing some emergency safety cords.

We then finished a 30″ version for national broadcast as well as a making up a 60″ version for online.

As well as the grading and online work, we managed the VO records and mixes as well as the entire TV admin process, including Clearcast script and rough cut submissions, CARIA admin as well as final playout to stations.

Production Notes
Product:Retirement Apartments
Title:The Good Life
Director:Carl Prechezer
Production Company:Moon
Agency:five by five
Duration:30 Sec TVC and 60 Sec Online Film