This dog takes the biscuit.

We created a country idyll for the latest Nature Valley commercial to launch their new Sweet and Nutty bar. It was directed by Graham Rose at Moon Productions for the agency, Independence Orchestra.

This is the second commercial for a Nature Valley bar that Nice Biscuits has post produced. This commercial features a couple in a car with their dog who have been guided off road into a field by their GPS. After whizzing around the field they take a break and have a Nature Valley Sweet and Nutty bar.

The commercial was shot on an overcast rainy day so our team set to work to create a bright sunny day and enhance the country scene. Our colourist Martin Southworth graded the commercial and our VFX artists Pete Young and Paul Wratten worked on the individual elements. Paul replaced the rainy sky with a blue sky and swapped the ploughed field for a grassy one. The car scenes, including the car crashing into the hay bale, were shot against green screen and seamlessly composited in by Pete. He also animated the dog in Flame, creating his funny facial expressions.

Production Notes
Product:Sweet and Nutty bar
Title:Sweet and Nutty
Director:Graham Rose
Production Company:Moon Productions
Agency:Independence Orchestra