NB makes Nissan’s interactive dreams come true

Nice Biscuits worked closely with Watergun to produce Nissan’s new interactive project “The Innovation Garage”, directed by interactive director Anrick Bregman at Unit 9 for TBWA\Chiat \Day in LA.

“The Nissan Innovation Garage” is a microsite accessed via Facebook, which asks people to share their innovations. Nissan will choose the ones it wishes to sponsor with a $50,000 grant. Once the person has entered their details their name appears throughout the site in various situations, such as on a billboard, on the TV news and even in space.

Watergun designed the interface and the creative elements, which were matched and then composited in Flame by Nice Biscuits VFX artists Pete Young and Paul Wratten into a mixture of live action footage shot by Holster Studios and stock footage to create the final site. It was then graded by NB’s colourist, Martin Southworth.

Rafa Pavon from Watergun commented, “As every interactive project has different technical requirements they are always a challenge but I was confident NB could deliver. They were able to apply their post production experience in VFX and project management very successfully. Jenna the producer understood the brief and ensured the smooth management of the job and NB’s VFX artists, Pete and Paul delivered the assets in a format the developers could use.”

Production Notes
Product:Interactive micro site online film
Title:Innovation Garage
Director:Anrick Bregman
Production Company:Unit 9/Holster Studios/Watergun TV
Agency:TBWA\Chiat \Day in LA
Duration:86 seconds