Ooh ah aah ah Ouch!

This ad was originally a German TVC. The brief was to take the existing ungraded rushes and create a new spot that incorporated split screens to add more interest to the ad. We also had to swap in a new product, the Nivea balm, which promises to ease pain during the discomfort of shaving. Alongside this, we had to include a new complete packshot to promote the Nivea FM range.

Nice Biscuits was responsible for shooting this sequence at Mount Pleasant Studios on the Alexa and we also undertook the casting of the male model in the endframe.  Once we had shot the new assets for the endframe, Tristram offlined in our FCP suite. Martin then graded onboard the Resolve and finally handed everything over to Russ to conform, title and online in Flame. He finished up a Tesco broadcast version and a Cinema adapt as well.

Production Notes
Product:Nivea For Men
Title:Choir of Pain
Agency:Draft FCB
Duration:20 secs