This beautiful, witty ‘Nivea for Men FHM’ commercial for TV and cinema was created in conjunction with the London based agency Draft FCB.

The spot showcases simply in a few very cleverly shot and stylish frames just how popular the brand has proved to be over the last seven years, during which time the product has been repeatedly voted as the FHM Grooming Awards Winner.

Each frame features a hand model as they peel away sheets of paper to reveal a new message beneath – layers of typeface supers.

Shot digitally on our own Canon 5D camera, we wanted the page turn to look as convincing as possible and so we used a real rig and our own customized paper.
The entire process was fully supervised by our own VFX experts in-house and the edited master was timed to match its music bed.

Production Notes
Title:Nivea For Men FHM
Agency:Draft FCB
Duration:20 seconds