Oreo ‘Diner’ was originally an American TVC, which was supplied to Nice Biscuits in NTSC 4:3. Our brief was to convert it to PAL 16:9 for the UK, replace the packs throughout, create the spinning ‘double stuff’ for the opening shot and the expanding biscuit animation of the end frame.

We did a 3-2 pulldown on the pictures (rather than simply standards convert, in order to best maintain resolution), then re-framed and re-sized them for UK transmission.  We shot the Double Stuff packs here on our Canon 5D, cleaned them up and composited them back into the various scenes. The animation was then built in our Cinema 4D.

The agency re-recorded the v/o using Stuart Hall, of It’s A Knockout, resulting in a fun ad that’s full of energy.

Production Notes
Product:Oreo Diner
Agency:Draft FCB
Ratio:PAL 16:9