Biscuits, Coy and Quorn

Nice Biscuits were thrilled to team up once again with Coy Communications to create the new TV ad, designed to show the variety of Quorn recipes.  The “Shrinking Recipe Book” was shot on the Arri Alexa. The crew was able to turn around a two day shoot in just one day by splitting the studio in two, with one team directing the live action footage and another team concentrating on the food shots.  Nice Biscuits’ VFX artist, Paul Wratten supervised the shoot to ensure that everything was being shot with the post work in mind and offering hands on advice, especially for the growing book scenes.

The footage was then graded by our expert Colourist, Kenny Gibb before being conformed and onlined by Paul and also by our Flame artist, Pete Young.  Paul and Pete had to create a CGI book and then track this in to the scenes as the book shrinks and grows. They had to matte off the fingers and then composite these back in and add in shadows and textures to embed them back in to the shots.  Pete also created some steam for the food shots onboard the Flame, whilst Paul finished off all of the titling and pack shots.

Production Notes
Title:Shrinking Book
Production Company:Coy Communications