Nice Biscuits worked with agency Prescription producing the latest Radox 3 x 10 second sponsorships for Channel 5 Weather which top and tail the Weather updates rain, snow or shine. Prescription and media strategists Mindshare
devised the series of films promoting the Feel Relaxed, Feel Ready and Feel Revived shower and bath gels. Nice Biscuits worked with advanced CG partners ORKA in Poland to prepare the photorealistic simulations of plants and fruit tress growing to represent the scents of the products. The animations move rapidly across the 10 seconds from trunk through to flowers and fruits in around 8 seconds which required multiple simulations and intense transitions. Grading was with colourist Ollie Gill and final composites with Miguel Wratten. Live action was directed by Hamish Jenkins, produced by Will Oakley and edited by Dani J with creative and commercial handling from Ivor Kayne at Prescription.

Grading: Ollie Gill
Online: Miguel Wratten