Television Everywhere

This beautiful and dynamic piece was the perfect match for our Flame op Pete, with his graphics design background and his eye for creativity.

The challenge was to create a 20 second conference opener using a single hi-resolution still photograph – a satellite snapshot of a city at night.

Using Flame’s virtual camera and displacement mapping techniques, expert VFX artist Pete Young was able to gracefully move around the detail areas of a city image and create a realistic, all-immersive sense of depth and perspective.

Pete animated each light tendril within the photograph individually to give a sense of live city lights that are glowing and emitting out from within the nucleus of a busy metropolis.

Having worked with the ITV Creative team many times before, it was great to get back on a project with them again. They have lovely projects and are super nice guys!

Production Notes
Product:Conference Opener
Title:Television Everywhere
Creative:ITV Creative