Rude Kid FT Skepta “Get Busy”

The eyes have it!

Nice Biscuits have created the VFX featured in the promo for the track “Get Busy” by Rude Kid & Skepta, directed by Courtney Phillips through Fresh Light Films.

In the video Rude Kid & Skepta perform at a hedonist party. It opens with a woman behind bars and a green liquid being pumped out through pipes attached to a vinyl record on a turntable of the track “Get Busy”.

Rude Kid and Skepta are busy making the liquid which fuels the party. At the end of the verse when the beat kicks in the raunchy party begins. The green liquid is consumed which has some strange effects on the party revellers. When their faces are revealed they have large alien eyes. Pete Young, Nice Biscuit’s Senior Flame artist created the black eye treatment in smoke.

Production Notes
Product:Rude Kid FT Skepta music promo
Title:Get Busy
Director:Courtney Phillips
Production Company:Fresh Light Films