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For most people, their wedding day ignites dreams of a bright future and the hope of fading into the sunset with the one they love. But the marriage vow “till death do us part” lives up to its promise for the couples featured in “Happily Never After.”

True stories of couples who looked forward to their perfect wedding day only to have it end in disaster. It was the happiest day of the bride’s life, but it was also her last. Part wedding show and part police drama, each episode unveils the murder of a newlywed amidst flashbacks to the couple’s happy romance and the moment marital bliss turned to tragedy. The series is narrated by Emmy Award-winning actress Marlo Thomas.

Title sequences filmed and graded by Nice Biscuits.

Production Notes
Product:Happy Never After
Director:Anna Sabti
Production Company:Nice Biscuits
Agency:Sony Entertainment
Duration:60, 30, 10