‘If You Ever Come Back’

The video for The Script’s latest single, ‘If You Ever Come Back’, was shot on a combination of 16mm Bolex (for the performance footage) and Redcam (for the exteriors).

It’s an expansion on the song’s theme of a terminated relationship, exploring homelessness and youth drug addiction. Essentially a story about recovery and hope, it focuses on three teenagers who join the same tube train, throughout the course of its journey. Cutting between shots of the teenagers and the band’s performance (taking place in an unexplained circle of chairs), this main action is intercut with shots of gritty street life. Eventually, the homeless teenagers get off at the same stop, and make their way to what we recognise as the room where the band’s performance has taken place – which we now realise is a self-help group.

Once the promo had been graded by Martin Southworth, we treated 11 shots in Smoke and finished it in HD for Sony.

Production Notes
Product:‘If You Ever Come Back’
Director:Charlie Mehling
Production Company:Bikini Films