Norbert Schoerner uses cutting edge aerial filming technology to direct a music video for the latest single from U.N.K.L.E: The Road. Drones navigate a desolate desert terrain that is lit by pools of dramatic light. The interplay of gleaming light and deep black shadows with the drone perspective supports a subtle narrative that tells of the ever-present conflict between landscape and human traces.

Director: Norbert Schoerner
Production Lalaland
Lighting Drone Operator: Daniel Riley
Camera Operator / Drone Pilot: Calen Albert
Lighting system by Stratus LEDs
Editor: Diz Toba
Post Production Company: Nice Biscuits
Post Producer: Carl Grinter
Colourist: Ollie Gill
Flame Artist: Miguel Wratten
Location Manager: Crystal Bowden
Associate Producer: Michael Frank – Namaiki