NB ring the changes for Virgin Mobile

Nice Biscuits had a great time producing the 3D animated commercial for the Virgin Mobile ‘Exclusive Package’ June 2013 launch created by RAPP.
The commercial introduces the Exclusive Package deal by showing animated models of phones interspersed with bold Las Vegas style type announcing what the package includes. Our 3D animators reworked existing animation by redesigning the timing and flow of the piece, adding new dynamics simulations for the phone and pillow, and refined camera movements. They redesigned the look of the 3D text to match the look of the latest print campaigns, and added the punchy animation. They also created accurate shaders to match the physical qualities of all of the phones on display and then added lighting effects timed to the voice over. Finally, they created numerous versions of the end-frame to match the voice over and fit in with the other ads in the campaign. Nice Biscuits Flame op. Russ Shaw then finished the spot up by adding motion effects along with supers and lighting effects.

Production Notes
Product:Virgin Mobile
Production Company:Nice Biscuits
Creative:Darryn Lawence, Simon Kavanagh