Bring It On

Walls new “Bring It On” campaign aims to find people around the country with quirky hobbies, and this debut 30 second commercial starts off the TV campaign with a Viking re-enactment. Following a typical week-end in the life of Dagmar, the leader of the Vikings of the Middle England re-enactment group, and his family, we quickly see how a Walls’ sausage roll features in their day.

Shot in documentary style, the commercials were filmed on location at Hemsby Viking Festival with multiple Canon 7D DSLR cameras. A wealth of footage was captured to reflect the atmosphere of the Viking re-enactment, totalling over 10 hours. Nice Biscuits planned a bespoke data pipeline to ensure the vast amount of footage was quickly converted and distributed for offline, baselight colour grading, flame online and multi-resolution playouts.

To enhance the battle scenes a number of shots were treated to aid the dramatic, menacing feel. This included replacing the skies with large burgeoning clouds and adjusting the colour palette to give the spot a filmic look. Nice Biscuits also got a chance to utilise their 3D camera tracking tools to quickly remove brand signage from the opening supermarket scenes.

Production Notes
Director:Joshua Neale
Production Company:Smuggler
Agency:Saatchi & Saatchi
Creative:Rob Potts, Andy Jex, Stanley Cheung, Jono Benson