Nice Biscuits adds style to West Quay

Nice Biscuits has post produced the stylish new West Quay TVC directed by Sam J Bailey through MRM Meteorite. The commercial promotes the variety of shops and major brands at West Quay shopping centre and conveys a feeling of easy, relaxed shopping in a peaceful environment. It opens on different shots of the empty centre. Beautiful shapes float through it and we realise that they are brand logos peeling away from shop fronts. They follow a woman into a changing room where they land on her dress in the reflection of the mirror.

The commercial was shot on Red and then graded by Nice Biscuits’ colourist, Martin Southworth. The woman’s dress was shot with tracking markers on and supplied to 3D animator Greg McKneally. He recreated this in CGI so that he could map the 3D logos on to it. The markers were then removed skillfully by Nice Biscuits Flame artist Russ Shaw to create a harmonious environment.

The Nice Biscuits TV admin department managed all of the Clearcast, CARIA and Adstream paperwork all of the way through to playout.

Production Notes
Product:West Quay Shopping Centre
Title:”Best Brands Meet”
Director:Sam J Bailey
Agency:MRM Meteorite